1. My shot of my family @thepeachkings // #Goldenhour #Goldielocks #Goldentunes 🔥

  2. One more from this week’s LA show / @justintimberlake / Staples Center / Los Angeles CA

  3. The day we got lost then found / @lindsayrichardson @danadaners / Rabat Morocco #TBT

  4. Istanbul, Turkey

  5. Never forget… @MissZenya @theTNKids on the Bosphorus.

  6. The kids are alright. @theTNKids sailing the Bosphorus

  7. A moment of prayer at the Western Wall / Old City / Jerusalem / May 28th 2014

  8. Just floating… @DJFreestylesteve

  9. Hope #NOLA

  10. This photo, I call “Californian Diplomacy.” 

    I took it about an hour outside of San Francisco, right before dusk, on a beach with my friends. It was during an event they host each year called a “Surf Rodeo,” where they dress and act like animals and have a surf competition on a beach where horses roam. (Only in California….people.)

    I think it expresses so much of the myth of California in one shot. And it was not staged. I just happened to have a camera in hand when this all happened. 

    x FAY