1. F*cking love New York / Feb 2014

  2. On golden hour of Valentine’s day in Venice CA, Jessica and I bought a bunch of red & white balloons and headed to the beach to give them out randomly…..to lovers, tight-rope-walkers, anyone with a smile - and a lot of lovely little humans. Such simple things cause such simple joy. Here’s some of our favorite outtakes. Just in the spirit of love.

    Valentine’s Day / Venice Beach, CA / Feb 14th 2014


  3. Travel Guide To Lived Art

    Art is about lived experience

    Art is part of a creative, artistic life orientation

    … Sincerity
    Faith in ability to communicate through art…
    … Not ironic

    … Not depraved
    Not abject
    … Embracing
    Art as a natural part of pop-culture
    … Art not as art historical reference, but as cultural history

    -Jeffrey Deitch + Kathy Grayson

  4. The Flaming Lips / The Beatles Tribute / New Year’s Eve / The Belly Up / Aspen CO

  5. Super pleased to announce I will be part of Melrose Lightspace's Instagram Show in LA this weekend!!

    Gallery hours for the 3-day event are:
    Thursday, 12/5- 6pm-9pm special preview
    Friday, 12/6- 12pm-11pm w/artist’s reception 7pm-11pm
    Saturday, 12/7- 12pm-11pm w/artist’s reception 7pm-11pm

    The work is a “Grief” - shot in the Jardin De Tuileries Paris France. I’m in Miami for Miami Art Basel….but still feel free to stop through!!! Instagram = art

    M E L R O S E L I G H T S P A C E
    7600 Melrose Ave. Ste. N
    L.A. CA 90046
  6. Eat Cake (PART 2)

    Faith-Ann Young Solo Exhibit / The Space 650 / 650 Sunset Ave/ Venice CA 90291 

    From top to bottom:

    Igor Brewing / Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 18” x 24”

    Aymeric In Repose/ Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 36” x 24”

    Bathroom Revival / Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 18” x 24”

    Breakfast Time – Aymeric + Amelie / Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 24” x 18”

    Welcome to Dinner– Aymeric / Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 24” x 18”

    Blue Elvis/ Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum/ 24” x 18”

    House of Drama Family Portrait/ Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum/ 18” x 24”

    Pillows / Hand-crafted print from by Mei-Ling Lee from painting / $30-$65 

    *Eat Cake Prices range from $450 to $1200; contact TheSpace650@gmail.com

  7. Eat Cake (Part 1)

    Faith-Ann Young Solo Exhibit / The Space 650 / 650 Sunset Ave/ Venice CA 90291 (PART 1)

    From top to bottom:

    Ylva in Bloom / Metallic Giclée print on Acrylic/ 30” x 30”

    Lady In Waiting - Amelie Descending 1 / Metallic Giclée print on Acrylic / 20” x 16”

    Lady In Waiting – Amelie Ascending 2 / Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 20” x 16”

    Room With A View – Aymeric, Diis Paradis + Amelie / Metallic Giclée print on Aluminum / 20” x 16”

    Still Life / Metallic Giclée print on Acrylic / 20” x 16”

    *Prices range from $400 to $1200; contact TheSpace650@gmail.com.


  8. Time to party! My solo photo exhibit EAT CAKE opening party THIS SATURDAY Nov 9th 7-11 PM 650 Sunset avenue Venice CA 90291. Beats by @glenice_venice and @heidski. RSVP TheSpace650@gmail.com.

  9. BIG NEWS: On Saturday, Nov 9th, my solo art show Eat Cake opens at the Venice art space, The Space 650. Opening party is this Saturday; RSVP required…see below. Don’t miss it. More on the show below…

    EAT CAKE : A decadent photography exhibit by Faith-Ann Young

    The Space 650: 650 Sunset Ave Venice CA 90291

    Nov 9th - Dec 1st, 2013


    Exhibition Preview & VIP Soiree:

    Saturday, Nov 9th, 7pm-11 PM

    DJs: Heidi Lawden, Glen Walsh

    The Space 650 is a private, modernized art studio in an renovated upscale beach pad, with pool and zen-like garden-scape. The party is invite-only - and will feature libations, film projections, art, music, dancing & cake.

    RSVP: thespace650@gmail.com

    Venice, CA (November 3rd, 2013) – On Saturday, November 9th, The Space 650 on 650 Sunset Avenue, Venice, CA, is pleased to present the solo exhibition “Eat Cake” by Venice-based photographer Faith-Ann Young.


    “Eat Cake” is a large format photographic series depicting French performance artists, House of Drama. Young met the troupe, which typically perform in the Paris underground night scene, in a basement lounge during Miami Art Basel and followed them to their hometown Paris to create this series. Inspired by still life painting, Romanticism, and magical realism, the work addresses conventions of sexuality, class, and culture. The subjects role-play in a bohemian bourgeoisie apartment in Paris. In some images, they parody traditional husband and wife roles, in others, formal family portraits. In Igor Brewing, Igor casually pours tea, resplendent in 10-inch homemade welded stilettos and thigh-high hosiery. In Ylva in Bloom, dancer Ylva poses spread-legged atop a mantle – one part ornamental Goddess, one part provocative study on female subjugation. The outcome is a colorful exploration of identity and self-expression, art and artifice. Employing their own bodies as canvases, these performance artists become ‘tableaus vivants,’ living pieces of art.

  10. Grief. Jardin de Tuileries. Paris. July 2012